Welcome to my blog. This is where I share my thoughts on living day to day life with chronic illnesses and advocate for issues of social justice. I strive to spread awareness about the diseases I live with as well as the issues that are of importance to me, my community, and everyone else.

I chose to start writing with others after finding another’s blog online helped me to feel less alone when I first fell ill in the fall of 2014. Since then, sharing my experience lead me to meet many of the people I now consider to be close friends and it opened my eyes to a whole new, supportive community of allies who face and fight many of the same challenges I do each day.

For privacy reasons, and because this is a very public platform, I have chosen to leave the actual names of my diseases out of most of my posts. However, I am always open to further discussion and you can email me at aleigha.rankin@gmail.com with any further questions.