Advocating for Aleigha

I’ve recently created a campaign of which I lovingly called Advocating for Aleigha (#a4a) since there seems to be a great lack of advocating in and for my life at the moment. The goal is to rally support and raise awareness/money so I can find and get the medical care that I need and am not getting. Living with rare and chronic diseases means long-term suffering while doctors sit around, forcing you advocate for yourself.

Right now, I have made an executive decision to fundraise the money I need on my own. I have spent almost a year fighting and appealing my insurance company’s decision not to pay for my care at the University of Texas Southwestern where some of the top specialists in my class of diseases practice. I am tired of waiting for a response from insurance that I fear I will never get and I would like to spend my time living rather than suffering in medical limbo. I have kicked this off by creating a YouCaring page to collect funds to help cover the travel and medical expenses of my trip. The quicker I can raise this money, the faster I can head to Texas and get the care I need.

My hope is that the coming year will be full of awesome opportunities to get involved and help support me as well as my family as we fight the system. I’m hoping to use my love for art to create shirts and bracelets that will help pay for not only my own medical expenses, but eventually help fund some of the foundations that work so hard to raise awareness for me and others whose lives are afflicted.

Stay tuned,