This blog is intended to help the people in my life better understand the illnesses I face as well as my experience with them. While I have been diagnosed with other afflictions, I want to use this mostly as a platform to advocate for these “Invisible Illnesses” that wage their wars on the inside of their victim’s body. While it would seem that not appearing to be sick has some perks, it actually hinders the patient’s life significantly. The lack of outward symptoms can plant seeds of doubt in friends, co-workers and sometimes even doctors.  Patients dealing with invisible illness(es) suffer not only the direct symptoms of their ailment, but also the mental trials and stigma that come hand in hand with it. “These diseases have no cure, only experimental treatments to help the patient with discomfort, mask symptoms, and hopefully prolong life expediencies,” as summarized by my fellow illness advocate, Chanel White (link to her blog below.)

My friends and fellow fighter’s blogs:

Below is a list of resources that I have found helpful and offer further information.


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